Finally. Someone is making a connection for this case. This looks like a documentary crossing over into film to help tell the story. I’m looking forward to seeing the full film.

“SOAKED IN BLEACH reveals the events behind Kurt Cobain’s death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track down her missing husband (Kurt Cobain) only days before his deceased body was found at their Seattle home. Cobain’s death was ruled a suicide by the police (a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound), but doubts have circulated for twenty years as to the legitimacy of this ruling, especially due to the work of Mr. Grant, a former L.A. County Sheriff’s detective, who did his own investigation and determined there was significant empirical and circumstantial evidence to conclude that foul play could very well have occurred.”

Strippers came over for a photo shoot Thursday night. Check out the photos on tumblr.

Here’s a throwback mini-mix of some old tracks I really miss playing. Download it and get stupid or whatever. Follow me on IG or Nimbus.

Track List:
Shinichi Osawa – Electro411 (Lies In Disguise Remix)
Jack Beats – All Night (Feat John B)
Trevor Loveys – Byrdy Beats
Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Detboi – Get Low
Radioclit – Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)
Young Rebels – Damascus (Dada Life Remix)
Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Electro Vanvan Treaxy Remix)
Nekro – Jet Set Future
Soda ‘n Suds – Fuck House
Bobmo – Freak Me

Illectrix is a one of a kind producer based out in London. He has successfully created a perfect fusion of funk, hip hop and a grimey EDM resonance. I really hope his style of producing catches on. It’s an amazing sound that has a throwback technique with the sound of today’s current “trendy” music. Check out the tracks below and like Illectrix on facebook.

Illectrix – The Real Deal

Illectrix – Fat Cat Shuffle

Illectrix – Roadtrippin’ by Illectrix

Recently released trailer for the second season of OITNB has just aired. For those of you who have not yet seen the first season, the main plot of the show is about a woman who is serving time for carrying drug money for a heroin trade. However there are many stories being told in the walls of this prison. From the trailer of season two it looks like the plot is thickening and getting much more twisted. I think we can expect to see a lot more deeper shit going down and more deviant humor.

James Jirat is an Australian based artist/designer who’s style falls under a few different categories. The best way I could describe it is a cross between horror, retro and pop surrealism. James has an impressive roster of clients including Adidas, FRONT Magazine, Tamara Sky, and recently with A-Trak. Jirat has also been featured in a few magazines such as Acclaim, Complex and Sneaky. Check out more of James’ work on his official site.

Gessaffelstein – Aleph

Ben Marriott is an illustrator based out of Sydney Australia. I’d like to think of him as a silly surrealist. As an artist his main priority is to make people smile and laugh when they see one of his illustrations. He films lots of process videos to show people how he creates his drawings. Check out the video above of one of my favorite pieces and subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel.

Follow Ben on twitter and instagram.

Fresh out of the Fifi Rong collection is her “Next Pursuit” EP. Just to brush you up on Fifi’s bio, She is originally from Beijing and is currently living in London. She is a producer, songwriter and amazing singer. Next Pursuit features six tracks with guest producers Sadsic and OP9. Fifi is a strong producer compositionally and harmoniously. She is hypnotizing with an eerie and enticing persona. My personal favorite tracks on this EP are Cold In You and Intimacy. Check them out below and buy the EP in its entirety from iTunes or Bandcamp.

Fifi Rong – Intimacy

Fifi Rong – Cold In You

Tokimonsta never fails to execute a remix without triggering my emotions. I really don’t have words to describe this remix, but I know when Toki is producing I won’t be disappointed. She has a strong skill set with her craft. Melodically, her music provokes my feelings and I love that she can do that. Cop the remix below and stay tuned for more.

Tinashe ft Schoolboy Q – 2 On (TOKiMONSTA remix)

It’s been a cool minute since Bart B More has released an EP. Bart has a series of epic tracks in his portfolio including Brap, Lay Around, and some legendary remix’s such as Alan Braxe’sIntro” the Crookers “No Security” and Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You“. This new EP, Indigo, is a great comeback. I don’t have a favorite track, each tune has its own magic that doesn’t outshine any of the others. Its a nice family of classic House / Electro tracks. Cop the EP from Beatport.

Bart B More – The New World

Bart B More – Revival

Bart B More – Crossing Borders